As regard to extra curriculum activities, the school has made very many successful Educational Tours.Places visited include: Haller Park,Ngomongo,Tsavo west,Shimoni caves, Kijipwa Airstrip, Gedi Ruins,Vasco da Gama Pillar, Fort Jesus among others.

The school also has a yearly graduation ceremony for KG 3’s who get promoted to std 1 whereby we have the Christian union, Muslim Union, cultural dances,mass choir and drama club members entertaining the guest of honour, visitors, parents and the school at large.

 Last but not least,our school was invited among other schools for a competition whereby the pupils


Welcome message.

I want to welcome you to Welldone Academy. I am thrilled that you have taken time to view the website and find out more about …

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A list of school’s teachers.

1:Nuru Omar Mohammed-Director.

2:Kurujah Kai Henry-school head.

3:Judith Pahe Kai.

4:Masud Ndenge …

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